Zestful Gardens CSA

Support sustainable farming and receive fresh, organic produce every week!

Benefits of a CSA

Zestful Gardens CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members:

  • receive the freshest produce possible
  • develop a relationship with a local farmer
  • participate in events on the farm and support sustainable farming
  • receive a weekly share of 6 -10 fresh items, harvested that morning and selected from over 80 different varieties grown on the farm

Support sustainable farming

Community Supported Agriculture is an opportunity for people to buy the freshest produce possible, develop a relationship with a local farmer, and take control of the food distribution system.

You pre-pay for a share of the season’s harvest in the winter to meet the farmer’s operating expenses. In return for your investment, Zestful Gardens share members receive a steady supply of edible dividends weekly throughout the growing season. As a Zestful Gardens Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member you also share the risk with the farmer. There is no guarantee that any crop will succeed, but at the same time, with over 80 varieties planted, the chances are high that the member’s investment will pay off! People who recognize the value of investment in their local economies are establishing a direct relationship with the small scale farmer who nurtures their food. Thousands of CSA’s are growing nationwide, reorganizing a small part of the food distribution system.

Choose your CSA

Our Main Season CSA runs from June through October, but spring, fall, winter and year-round shares are available on a limited basis.

The Main Season CSA can be perfect for one healthy vegetarian appetite or for a family of four depending on how frequently you cook. Some people like to split their share with a neighbor or friend. A small share is also available.

CSA Members may also buy add-ons such as eggs, greens, fruit (from Okanogan Producers Marketing Association) and meat.

Shares are available either at the farm Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm or at our in town pick up site Tuesdays from 3pm-6pm. Boxing is also an option ($3 fee), with pick up at the farm at your convenience.

Main Season CSA

Our most common CSA
20 weeks
June 9 – October 20, 2020

Small Share: $425

Fall CSA (limited)

November – December
(Double the amount of food for 4 weeks to help stock up for winter)

limited shares available

Spring CSA (limited)

April – June
(9-10 weeks)
Includes delicious spring vegetables and greens

limited shares available

Year-long CSA

Includes all CSAs with the addition of meat and eggs. You’ll also receive two tickets to annual Farm to Fork Dinner in Sept.

limited shares available

Spring: April 7 - June 2; Main Season: June 9 - October 20; Fall: Nov. 10 & 24, Dec. 8 & 22

CSA Add-ons


$175 for 10 week increments (Starting mid-June). We will be offering Okanagan Producers Co op (OPMA) fruit again this year, which supplies our customers with stone fruit, berries, apples, pears, plums, pluots, grapes, etc.


$80 for 10 week or $160 for 20 week (First come first served). Our hens are raised on organic grains and pasture!

Greens Share

$70 for 20 weeks. Enjoy extra greens every week, which include but not limited to kale, salad mix, spinach, arugula, mustard, Swiss chard, purslane, italian dandelion. and lots of other fun varieties.

Organically Grown Meat

Zestful Gardens raises pork, chicken and lamb which can be purchased or pre-ordered for CSA pick-up. Please call Valerie or text at 253-720-4442 for available cuts.

Ready to support your local farmer and start receiving delicious organic produce every week?

What to expect

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll receive when you pick up your farm share each week in the 20 week Main Season CSA from June to October (not Spring or November/December CSAs).


1½ lbs Snow Peas
1 lb Snap Peas
½ lb Baby Spinach
1 head Raddichio
1 lb Salad Mix
3 Kohlrabi
1 bunch Turnips
1 bunch Radishes
1 bunch Carrots
1 bu Garlic Scapes
1 bunch Parsley


2 heads Lettuce
1 bunch Celery
1½ lbs Green Beans
1 head Broccoli
1 lb Tomatillos
3 lbs Tomatoes
1 lb Sweet Peppers
1 Eggplant
3 lbs Cucumbers
3 lbs Summer Squash
1 bunch Scallions
1 bunch Carrots
1 bunch Basil


2 heads Lettuce
1 bunch Beets
3 lbs Potatoes
1 bunch Leeks
2 bulbs Garlic
3 lbs Winter Squash
1 bunch Parsnip
1 head Cabbage
1 bunch Kale
2 lbs Tomatoes
2 Pie Pumpkins