We are now accepting work share applications for the summer season.

Work Share Commitment: 4 -5 hrs/week for 20 weeks in exchange for 1 CSA share. A full 20 week season commitment and consistent work schedule (same time and day of the week) are required. Please make us aware of vacations or conflicts prior to the season.

Work at Zestful Gardens is diverse. Works Shares are often called upon to do different and sometimes tedious jobs in all kinds of weather. Be prepared for hard physical labor.

Farm work is: very physical, requiring bending, lifting, squatting, and other uncomfortable positions for short – medium time periods; often repetitive (you may spend your whole 4-5 hr. weekly commitment harvesting, weeding, or washing lugs); and the weather can be harsh (very hot and dry in the summer and cold and rainy in October). A positive attitude is a must.

Job training will be done by Holly or Valerie. It is important to remember that no matter how simple, tedious, or insignificant a task may appear, everything that you do is important to the overall success of the farm. We work very hard on our farm and we expect our work shares to do the same. Conversation during work is a benefit of farm work, but please be aware of keeping your hands moving while you talk. Efficient production is critical to the success of the farm. We love farming and strive for a fun, hard working, & harmonious workplace.

Farming is production work. The farm earns money by what is actually produced and sold. Since production per hour or day is very important, Work Shares are expected to work quickly and efficiently, to keep up with the pace set by the Farmers or work quickly on their own.

We rely on tractors and equipment to farm. Work Shares will not be expected to run this equipment, but should exercise caution and awareness.

We are a Family Farm, there will be no alcohol or drug use while working on the farm. On the job, it is expected that all Work Shares will behave appropriately and cooperate with other employees and people on the farm. Employees are expected to keep work areas and fields clean by picking up trash and tools associated with the work.


Join Waitlist This is currently full. If we make more available, we'll contact people on this waitlist in order of the date signed up. Thank you for understanding.