About Zestful Gardens

A local organic farm with a deep commitment to sustainable farming

Zestful Gardens is a 35-acre farm in the Puyallup Valley near Tacoma consisting of eight acres of organic vegetables, small fruits & herbs, another fifteen in rotating cover crops and pasture, and eight in orchard and woodland.

At Zestful Gardens our sustainable agricultural practices minimize our impact on earth and maintain delicious flavor and nutrients in our food. We practice biodynamic agriculture, a method of organic farming that emphasizes the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants and animals as a self-sustaining system.

As a truly local farm, we proudly sell only produce that we grow on our farm. Zestful Gardens answers the growing demand for food that is real. Our customers enjoy vibrant produce that expresses the variety of our seasons. Our shareholders are assured they are buying food grown with concern for their health and for the health of our farm ecosystem.

Meet your farmers

Farming 35 acres in the Puyallup Valley, mother and daughter, Valerie and Holly, tend organic vegetables, small fruits and herbs, rotating cover crops, livestock, orchard and woodland.


(pictured on right) Valerie has 40 years of experience as a home gardener. She enjoys wildcrafting, raising medicinal herbs and making various medicinal preparations. She also has extensive experience in a wide variety of food preservation techniques and fiber arts.


(pictured in center) Prior to creating Zestful Gardens, Holly farmed in Northern Scotland, New South Wales, Australia, and New York’s Hudson Valley. Holly is the mother of two girls and loves the challenges of farming and motherhood.

What We Grow

Zestful Gardens provides organic vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs to Tacoma and surrounding areas through its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and at Tacoma farmers markets. We offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious seasonal produce. Over 80 different varieties are grown including heirloom varieties.